Supporting The Giving Back Corporation

This organization is headed up by our friend and fellow Dream Warrior, Ken Sagoes, and does wonderful work. Ken and the rest of the cast will be offering up ‘Nightmare on Elm Street’ signed scripts, art and other items to support his efforts.

A Night of Nightmares is proud to support The Giving Back Corporation. 100% of all proceeds raised through the auctions and raffles of the event will benefit this worthwhile charity.

The mission of the “GBC-Giving Back Corporation” is to offer a helping hand to those trying to help themselves. GBC hopes to promote educational goals among youth. GBC wants to raise the bar of excellence and foster a more positive attitude, approach to life and interaction with the community. It is important that our children and community realize by empowering their beliefs, they can make a change.

GBC also gives assistance to the community, including senior citizens. Our program is designed for inner city kids to teach them self-improvement skills, which includes self-discipline, self-esteem and basic social skills. GBC gives inner city kids a chance to attend various activities such as summer camps, helps support inner city youth and pays for students’ books and supplies while in college, as well as helping families during Thanksgiving and toys for children during Christmas. Each year, GBC has honored legendary pioneers in the entertainment field.

GBC-Giving Back Corporation, is privately funded through fund raising efforts, sponsorships, private and corporate donations.

Giving Back Corporation is a 501 (c) 3 organization founded in 1997. Donations can be made at:
www.gbc-givingbackcorporation.com or mail to Giving Back Corporation, P.O. Box 452201, Los Angeles, CA 90045