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First, fill out the form below BEFORE you send anything!  Items sent to us without payment in full will be refused. It’s imperative that we are sure we can process the item you’d like to have signed and that you understand and agree to the costs and conditions involved. An invoice for the full amount of the cost of the signature, return shipping, and insurance will be sent to you by email. Please do not send payment until you receive our invoice.

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    After we have replied back you, you will pay electronically. You may then send in your item to us, and after we get it signed, we will mail it back to you. We need to receive your item no later than FRIDAY, AUGUST 9th, 2024. The address to mail to is:

    Night of Nightmares
    34421 Granite Rd
    Yuciapa,CA 92399

    While every effort will be taken to take great care of all your personal items, they are sent in at the owners own risk. Night of Nightmares will not accept any liability for any loss or damage caused in any way. By placing an order, you are accepting these terms.

    If you are sending your own image for signing the guest has the right to refuse to sign it if they think it is inappropriate. No nude or topless images will be accepted, if the guest refuses to sign, a show image will be selected as a replacement. We aim to get each item signed as requested but cannot guarantee it.

    Below are the instructions on what to do if you are sending in an item. Each step must be followed to ensure your item is signed correctly. If these steps are not followed it may impact your item being included in the signing or delay the shipping of your item back to you.

    1. Make your payment before sending an item in. Please make sure we have acknowledged receipt of payment before sending. If the options for item description does not cover what you are sending them, please add it in the additional information field.

    2. Check the send in cut-off date and allow enough time for your item to arrive. It will be clearly marked within the online shop. This date is important, as items received after the date may not make the signing.

    3. Label your item with the name and order number that has been used to book the signing. This must be attached to the item, sending a loose note is not accepted.

    Send in Item – Example A

    4. If you’re sending your item in a protective cover, you also need to add label with your name and reference information to make sure it gets returned to you in the event they get separated.

    5. If you are sending a toy such as a Funko Pop please send the box to be signed flat, without the item itself.

    6. If you want the item signed in a specific location or you have requested a particular pen color or dedication as part of your order, this should be on a sticky note on front of your item. Do not label any protective covering with these instructions.

    Send In Image – Example B

    7. Please add a sender address, event and reference to your envelope/tube etc. so we can easily identify where the item has come from and what event it is to be signed at. Note that if you send your item in heavy duty packaging and it weighs more than the standard shipping cost or size, you will be required to pay the excess shipping before your item is sent to you. *

    All orders will be sent back within 1-7 business days after the event

    Night of Nightmares is not responsible for cancellation of any celebrity guest at the convention. In the event of a guest cancellation, we will ship your items back to you and issue a refund via your original form of payment.