Killer Art by Robbie Rittenhouse

California artist Robbie Rittenhouse has created an amazing body of work by creating unique art pieces painted on axes, hatchets, chainsaws, knives, cleavers, and our personal favorite Freddy Krueger gloves.

He is a staple of horror conventions across the company and his work is regularly featured at the Sugarmynt Glassery in Pasadena (next to Laurie Strode’s house)!

When we approached Robbie to create a special item for our event to auction for charity he responded immediately and enthusiastically.

Below are some samples of Robbie’s work. We know you’ll agree these pieces are a horror lover’s dream!

We’ll be auctioning the customer Freddy Glove for charity at the Night of Nightmares!

Do yourself a favor and follow Robbie on Instagram @killerart_rr.

Thanks, Robbie! You’re the best!